Accessibility to your Ward Council representative is my promise to you!

I have a website, a phone number, and an email I'm dedicating strictly to the work in Ward 4 and the City of North Ridgeville. I'll be available on social media as well.

This is here to stay! If elected, all of this will be live and ready to go for anyone in North Ridgeville who needs to talk to your Ward 4 Council rep.

Local Business Experience

I have owned and operated a successful business, Wink Electric, from Ward 4 for 18 years. With over 2 decades of experience in construction, I see myself as an asset in the critical construction discussions and decisions facing our city.

The Community

I have volunteered in many of the city's youth programs for 18 years. I support the need for providing recreational activities for all ranges of age; youth, active adult, and senior citizen. We need a solid PLAN for affording those programs and facilities.

Our Schools

My wife, Kathy, and I have raised our 3 children right here in Ward 4. They have all attended North Ridgeville City Schools. Our schools....our city....our ward is where we have grown, and where we will continue to be.


North Ridgeville needs a plan to finish our growth.  Our population has increased quickly  in recent years and we need to make sure we have enough essential services to support the population. Services such as fire, police, building, roadwork, and storm water will require careful planning and coordination. Critical and responsible support for the citizens of North Ridgeville has to be our #1 priority.

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